Spotted…found Instagram

It took several years and I am still not sure why I hesitated, I made the switch to Mac late last year. And yes I said it, what took me so long. Then just before the Lunar New Year and again I still did not know why I hesitated, I finally let go of the Blackberry for an iPhone, my first. Now I know why loyal iPhone users are so loyal.

Now having the iPhone, I started to explore Instagram. Guess what, I am having so much fun.
Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.50.02 pm
Instagram solved several problems I face with my blog. With time being an issue, I now spend less time to process pictures. I do not feel like I need to decide on which pictures to use, or feel the need to include too many pictures in one post. So my blog postings will be and should be more focus and in-depth. On Instagram, I can put up comments and pictures of subjects that I may not be able to write a blog post about it. Instead, it allows me to be more spontaneous and a little more in-the-moment of my point of view.

So when I am not at my blog, rest assure I am still thinking about it. Come see me at Instagram.


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