Savored…Non Classified Left Bank Bordeaux

The theme for this night’s World Wine Table was pretty good. One that got us to Google, double checked our wine fridge, and second guess our selection. With just 61 Bordeaux Chateau within the 1855 Classification, it should not be too difficult to find Non-Classified Left Bank Bordeaux wine for the dinner.

Non Classified Left Bank Bordeaux

Photo credit: Dr. Jen Shek Wei

This session proved it is more than just classification or expensive branding. The location, vintage and terroir of the wine are important, and these labels proved that they can produce wine just as good. Some may not be as cellar worthy, but one never know. Chateau Haut Marbuzet 1996 drank so well and it was voted the best of the evening.

I took the 1/3 balance of Chateau Les Carmes Haut Brion 2005 home with me and it became my favorite about 2 days later.

Les Carmes HB 2005

When I first tasted it, I wrote “blueberry juice with alcohol”. It had the most youthful hue among the selection, and most shy (considering that the bottle was opened 2 hours prior and last to serve that evening). Tight aromas of freshly tanned leather, cedar box filled with new cigar enveloped by notes of dark fruits of blueberries and blackberries, and just a slightest hint of red fruits such as cherry. On the palate, it showed potential friendliness with forward fruit notes, firm sweetness and smokiness of a lighted cigar with hints of tar, and cocoa. 2 days later, all the nuances I noted became more expressive with a gentle elegance that was quite seductive. I actually hesitated to share what was left with my hubz.

This wine is a really affordable introduction to this Pessac Leognan. A little research yield the surprising knowledge that 2005 was made by a woman, Penelope FURT-ROCHE, her first vintage. By the way 2005 showed, and it helped that it was a strong vintage, the cellar worthiness of this wine is very promising.

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