Spotted…Holland Village, Singapore

With the exception of the Southern Hemisphere, most of us are experiencing Summer. Here in Singapore, it is very hot. C came home from a 6 hours cycling trip “grilled”, so hot that he sat in a cold shower for about 10 mins just to cool off. It is a challenge here to stay cool and to look cool without melting into the humidity. I shot this several weeks ago at about noon. She stayed cool and looked cool with lace and bright blue pants. I did a double take when I noticed the heels.

Happy Weekend. Stay Cool.

Spotted…Healdsburg, California

Jetlag is not fun. The only thing I like about it is waking up early because the day feel really long and productive. This reminded me of the long days in California that I experienced recently. By 7am, the sun is brilliantly bright and the day stayed bright (and hot) till about 845pm. That is more than 12 hours of daylight! When I was in Healdsburg, waiting outside the Healdsburg Bar and Grill to open, I found this mother and son welcomed the bright long days in true California style. I later learnt that they were also waiting to get into the restaurant as well.

Here in Asia, our bright sunny days are laced with humidity…..all year around!!!

Keep the sunscreen on.

Spotted…Peter Michael Winery, Calistoga

I was very thrilled when I learnt that I will be able to visit Peter Michael Winery in the Northern part of Calistoga. Coming out of Petrified Forest Road, it was a really nice drive further north on Hwy 29. There were less cars, road not too winding, and I got to see Knight Valley. Morgun, the host of Peter Michael, met my group and took us on one the most scenic drive through the Peter Michael vineyards. This was taken at the very top of the vineyard looking down on the Knight Valley floor. As Calistoga edge into Summer, the heat was making itself known.

Morgan is clearly ready for the heat in cool Calistoga style with white capri, classic shades and stylish sandal.