Spotted…Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

It was not difficult to notice her in a room of several hundreds people, especially in a room where the automatic choice of color was black when the dress code indicated was Buiness Attire. Alas, she was in a black, deep neckline long dress. In a room of mostly black, I could not take my eyes away from her blonde razor sharp pixie hair cut. Hence I sneaked a shot from afar, and my apologies for the graininess of the picture.

She has styled herself brilliantly for a special 4th of July reception.

Spotted…Sonoma Valley, California

It was May 29 and it was a very bright and sunny day, even for me coming from the the Equator. E met this incredible weather perfectly with cool big shade, capri and a touch of denim  I had my jean folded up, but I wore black t-shirt and a black jacket. I may have thought I looked cool, but boy was I feeling the heat in the sun.

To me, E looked absolutely “Hepburn” cool.

Spotted…Grand Hyatt Singapore, Singapore

I was invited to a wedding last Friday and the dress code indicated Black Tie. And I wondered let see how many guests will actually put on a bow tie. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Althought most were in normal tie, but there were several gentlemen in bow ties. Several guests actually tied their own bow ties instead of the typical clip-ons, like these three gentlemen. The bow ties may be classic black or white, but I was impressed the fact that they took the time (which I was told can be time-consuming and tricky) to tie it properly.

I think it should be quite easy to identify the groom.