Spotted…Si Chuan Dou Hua @ Kitchener Road, Singapore (part 2)

White is a beautiful color. I love white t-shirts and shirts and that’s it. It is a color of high maintenance, particularly white pants and jackets. But this pristine color has a way, whether looking at it or wearing it, of making one feels refreshing, cool, clean, bright and young.

L looked so fresh and youthful in this cute dress and that I can only simply admire.

Kudos to her keeping it free from wine stains because we were at a wine dinner.

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Spotted…Healdsburg, California

Jetlag is not fun. The only thing I like about it is waking up early because the day feel really long and productive. This reminded me of the long days in California that I experienced recently. By 7am, the sun is brilliantly bright and the day stayed bright (and hot) till about 845pm. That is more than 12 hours of daylight! When I was in Healdsburg, waiting outside the Healdsburg Bar and Grill to open, I found this mother and son welcomed the bright long days in true California style. I later learnt that they were also waiting to get into the restaurant as well.

Here in Asia, our bright sunny days are laced with humidity…..all year around!!!

Keep the sunscreen on.

Life Style…Botak Backyard, Singapore

If I say I know about Ultraman, I am sort of revealing my age : )
I have an Ultraman alarm clock that is not working and almost every clock repair services that my husband has taken it to could not fix it. And I lost a Ultraman phone ringer (it made a sound when the phone rang) during my move home from Los Angeles. So when a good friend wore this recently, I was so happy that I had to take a picture or two.
So what Ultraman toys do you own? I promise I won’t try to guess your age. Hehehe