Spotted…Lake Taupo, New Zealand

I had a long day today, and I found that my patience was wearing very thin. There was only one exception when I stood in the long line, very patiently, for wanton mee from my favourite hawker stall. It was worth the wait because the young cook always award me with extra wanton and vegetable.

Back to my thin patience, I could easily list out (a long one) all the things that bugged me today. But I will not. Instead I want to smile and smile widely. And I started to smile the moment I went out to get dinner for C and I. I will make the list that gave me smiles:

1. I bantered with the boss lady at a hawker stall to give me two extra pieces of pork belly when I ordered the Mei Cai Pork Belly (stewed preserved vegetable with pork belly). She even packed the special sauce rice for me at no charge.

2. The boss of the Thai food stall could not sell me his special omelette because he was afraid that he will not have enough eggs to last till 2am  But he gave me more chicken in the Chicken Green Curry,

3. The Hokkien Mee stall boss lady saw me and bantered with me for not ordering from her lately and she asked me if I was feeling alright. Her concern made me smile.

4. C came home with a smile on his face and said: I like driving the new car.

5. Last but not least, this super cute photograph.

It seems big headphones are back in fashion. The last time I wore big headphones was when walkman was first launched. I am not even going to google when it was launched. I just know it was a long time ago. So I can’t imagine how it feels now to wear one. But I think I have a pretty good idea from the look on this little one’s face. He put a big smile on my face.

Wine Style…Serangoon, Singapore

There are two laptops and 1 PC that I work with now. The PC is always at home and it is really good at processing photographs, One laptop (HP) travels with me and the other (512 Vaio) is now permantly park in my office (and an old clunky IBM laptop retired in a dark corner somewhere in my office). I have photographs in all three computers and I have been, and it will be a slow process, consolidating all photograhs into a new gadget (Seagate external hard drive) which will also travel with me. So it seems I am perpectually housekeeping.

In the process of going through my albums, I stumbled upon another interesting wine was savored at my cousin in law’s place. For this bottle, I am not only reminising, I am missing it. This is Harrison 2000 Merlot, Napa Valley, specifically, Pritchard Hill. If I remembered correctly, it was fruity (slightly stewed like), round smooth texture and finish, slightly gritty due to some sediment and rather elegant. I am missing it because Harrison Vineyards no longer exist. Lyndsey Harrison who was the owner and winemaker, leased out the vineyard and winery, packed up and moved to Central Otago, New Zealand in mid 2000s. But I think she has moved back to San Francisco. I have lost contact with her and so I am not sure if she is still making wine. I am glad I have put away a few bottles of 1996 and 1997 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon that she made.

Lyndsey, if this blog finds you somehow, I hope to share a bottle with you soon.

Wine & Style…Pinot Noir of North and South, Long Beach Seafood

April 2011
This has been a week of Pinot Noir for me, and I can’t help remember a small dinner gathering with Chin, Jon and the VP of Flowers Vineyard at Long Beach Seafood. The night didn’t started out right because the seafood restaurant offered us those small round Libby wine glasses to use and still wanted to charge SGD40 per bottle corkage. I refused the wine glasses and went to a friend’s restaruant nearby to borrow some Riedel. Although we were introducing the iconic Singapore cuisine of Chilli Crab, Cereal Prawn and Black Pepper Crab to my oversea guest, it was the Pinot Noir from Sonoma (Flowers 2007 Andreen Gale Pinot Noir), Carneros (Etude 1997 Carneros Pinot Noir) and New Zealand (Dry River 2003 Pinot Noir) that shone brightly and etched elegantly into my memory that I am reminiscing now.