Weekend Treat…Lunar New Year

It’s the Year of the Goat.
That is the reason why I have been missing from here. Between work (there is always quite a few last-minute rush and office will close for 4 days), and preparation at home to welcome the new lunar year, I could not even put my plans and thoughts for the blog in order. Although my preparation was not elaborated or too traditional, there are several routine (for Feng Shui purposes) that I need to follow in order to meet this Goat proper.

Like any other festivities and celebration, wine is never too far away.

CNY 2015

One of the most important meals during the celebration is the Reunion Dinner. A meal that reunites all family members, observes on the eve of the new year, regardless the distance. In my family, almost every meals (95%) are accompanied by wines, and I don’t think this routine will ever stop.

So here is wishing one and all, Happy Year of the Goat.

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