Spotted…Top 10 Things I learnt from Bob Davids

Several weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity to spend time with Mr. Bob Davids, owner of Sea Smoke Cellars. We hosted a Trade and Sommeliers Tasting, as well as a private dinner.
With Bob Davids-001
Hence we have had lots of conversations about wine, wine business/business practise, leadership and entrepreneurship. I have never thought I know it all, but talking to someone with so much life and business experience, it was absolutely an eye-opening experience, a couple of “ah-ha” moments, lots of ideas were invigorated, and inspiration found and renewed. Here are the key 10 things I learnt:

1. Go to where they are ain’t
2. Take care of your own monkey. Make the decision that you are paid to do.
3. Don’t believe in your own bullshits.
4. If it is worth doing, it is worth over doing.
5. Never raise your voice
6. Never be afraid to make mistake, as long as you learnt from it.
7. Maintain the fun factor.
8. Always do what you should, and do the best that you can.
9. True leadership is not about keeping and accumulating power
10. It takes 4 years to remove a stink.

There were actually a lot more that he shared with me. But it was not easy for me to remember after being under the spell of Sea Smoke Pinot Noir and Grand Cru Burgundy (that was what we drank when we were not drinking Sea Smoke)

What a week it was!

Savored…Chui Huay Lim @ Keng Lee Road, Singapore

If you have never described a Burgundy or Pinot Noir as sexy, you have not had one that is.
I had three Nuits St Georges tonight that the word I said was “very sexy”. Although Burgundy has always been made reference to a woman, for two of them, I was thinking, 6-packs, broad shoulder, toned, gently tanned and so witty. The other I thought of a woman with just the right curves, everything in the right size and teasingly smart. But I have to let you down here because I can only process the pictures and share them here next week.

Nonetheless, when I got home and turned on my laptop, I remembered another sexy Pinot Noir I had this year. Normally, I would have thought it is too young. But I just could not wait.

It was simply feminie with a sense of mystery. No thought it is young, patience in the glass revealed a graceful soul with spunk and wit. Kind of like a 20 years old who listens to Al Jarreau and Marvin Gaye.

Savored…Chui Huay Lin Restaurant, Singapore

The theme was Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris or New World Pinot Noir for the 11 on Monday dinner gathering. We meet once every two months and this group is 14 years old. We were meeting for authentic Teochew cuisine in a Teochew Club. Teochew is a form of dialet spoken by a chinese from a particular part of China. This cuisine is known for its delicate and pure flavors. It turned out most of us brought Riesling, and it was an appropriate match to the different Teochew dishes.The highlight Riesling was a bottle of 1971 vintage and a couple of bottles of California Pinot Noir, but I am saving that for another post. Nonetheless, these four labels were delicately sweetened without being overwhelming and the right amount of acidity to enhance the cuisine. Mild candy like flavors, laced wtih fine mineral notes. The approach of the Rieslings were bold but silky at the same time.

Thank you for sharing. Let see what we can come up with in August with Japanese Cuisine.

Wine & Style…Pinot Noir of North and South, Long Beach Seafood

April 2011
This has been a week of Pinot Noir for me, and I can’t help remember a small dinner gathering with Chin, Jon and the VP of Flowers Vineyard at Long Beach Seafood. The night didn’t started out right because the seafood restaurant offered us those small round Libby wine glasses to use and still wanted to charge SGD40 per bottle corkage. I refused the wine glasses and went to a friend’s restaruant nearby to borrow some Riedel. Although we were introducing the iconic Singapore cuisine of Chilli Crab, Cereal Prawn and Black Pepper Crab to my oversea guest, it was the Pinot Noir from Sonoma (Flowers 2007 Andreen Gale Pinot Noir), Carneros (Etude 1997 Carneros Pinot Noir) and New Zealand (Dry River 2003 Pinot Noir) that shone brightly and etched elegantly into my memory that I am reminiscing now.