Savored…Patience required Vincent Girardin

One of the best things about being in the wine business, and this year for the first time,  the Cellarmaster for one of the oldest wine society in Singapore, is the opportunity to attend wine events such as this tasting.
Domaine Vincent Girardin produces a wide range of white and red Burgundy, and particularly impressive Mersault. These are the few that I loved. I bought 3 of them for the wine society (primarily for cellaring because they are just not quite ready till at least 3 to 5 years time) and 2 of them for my wine fridge.
VG 08 Meursault Les Charmes Dessue n 06 Puligny Mont Les Folatieres-001

Really good Meursault, will need a couple of year, but good. Even the Puligny Montrachet echoed hints of Meursault characters.
The following 2 were pure elegance, still too young as well.
VG 2010 Chassange Montrachet Morgeot-001
VG 06 Corton Charlemagne
Marcos Caschera from Domaine Vincent Girardin
Marco Caschera
This pair were the only ones that were approachable, with some patience in the glass and appropriate pace of swirling.
VG Les Vieiles Vigne 10 Santenay n Savigny Les Beaune
I was late for my next appointment due to this pair of wine. For me, they are top of the lot. Simply enjoyable and sublime.
VG 06 Echezeaux n 06 Chambertin Clos De Beze

Spotted…Si Chuan Dou Hua @ Kitchener Road, Singapore (part 2)

White is a beautiful color. I love white t-shirts and shirts and that’s it. It is a color of high maintenance, particularly white pants and jackets. But this pristine color has a way, whether looking at it or wearing it, of making one feels refreshing, cool, clean, bright and young.

L looked so fresh and youthful in this cute dress and that I can only simply admire.

Kudos to her keeping it free from wine stains because we were at a wine dinner.

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Spotted…Si Chuan Dou Hua @ Kitchener Road, Singapore

If you look into my wardrobe, I will agree with you that it is very boring. My color palate is mostly black, pale pink, blue, grey, and a little white ( only t-shirts and shirts). I find bright colors tricky for me, but I love to see them on others. I appreciate and sometime secretly admire how colors look on others. Orange, red, yellow feels too bright for me. And GREEN is just confusing for me. C glowed brilliantly in it.


Spotted…Grand Hyatt Singapore, Singapore

I was invited to a wedding last Friday and the dress code indicated Black Tie. And I wondered let see how many guests will actually put on a bow tie. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Althought most were in normal tie, but there were several gentlemen in bow ties. Several guests actually tied their own bow ties instead of the typical clip-ons, like these three gentlemen. The bow ties may be classic black or white, but I was impressed the fact that they took the time (which I was told can be time-consuming and tricky) to tie it properly.

I think it should be quite easy to identify the groom.