Savored…Newton, Singapore

Day #2 of catching up with old friends was also a day of making new ones. It was over a sumptous dinner of teochew cuisine organized by A. Not considering the champagne, we started the dinner brilliantly with a cool, crisp, floral scent and elegantly weighted Corton Charlemagne. Perfect with boiled cold crabs. It was followed by a Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay (which I will post later). But the first red was another well-chosen Nuit Saint Georges to pair with braised duck. Youthful (despite being 9 years old), fruity, velvety round and lip smuckingly delicious. Could-not-stop-sipping type of delicious. It was then followed by a Bordeaux and a young California Bourdeaux inspired blend (which I will post later).

Burgundies will always have a special place in my heart, palate and wallet.

Savored…Chui Huay Lin Restaurant, Singapore

The theme was Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris or New World Pinot Noir for the 11 on Monday dinner gathering. We meet once every two months and this group is 14 years old. We were meeting for authentic Teochew cuisine in a Teochew Club. Teochew is a form of dialet spoken by a chinese from a particular part of China. This cuisine is known for its delicate and pure flavors. It turned out most of us brought Riesling, and it was an appropriate match to the different Teochew dishes.The highlight Riesling was a bottle of 1971 vintage and a couple of bottles of California Pinot Noir, but I am saving that for another post. Nonetheless, these four labels were delicately sweetened without being overwhelming and the right amount of acidity to enhance the cuisine. Mild candy like flavors, laced wtih fine mineral notes. The approach of the Rieslings were bold but silky at the same time.

Thank you for sharing. Let see what we can come up with in August with Japanese Cuisine.

Savored…Windsor Road, Singapore

I was talking to my dear friend Grace about the wine theme for the next 11 on Monday dinner, she suggested Old World Riesling, Gewurzertraminer and Pinot Gris for whites because the nature of the cuisine would be an excellent pairing. We will be having food such as cold crab, steam pomfret, shrimp and liver roll, fried flat noodle with chinese pickled vegetable and so on; hence having more unique white options will make a very interesting evening. I will definitely share the most unique ones here. But the conversation and a fellow member’s replied with the name of the wine he is going to bring to this gathering evening reminded me of this gorgeous bottle from Germany I had in February with my brothers.

This came from my youngest brother collection. Drinking this in the evening (around 530pm) tenderly chillled as we chatted with my younger brother who just came home for a short trip with the brilliant colors of sunset in the background was simply heartwarming. It was delicately sweeten, velvetily long in the finish, and with acidity that was refreshingly crisp. A really special bottle for a very special moment in my life.

Wine Style…Imperial Treasure Teochew Restaurant, Singapore

I have been rather quiet for the past few days, and I have a really good reason. I was defeated by technology. I have a love- hate relationship with it. Over the past few days, I have been trying to transit from an old 15 inch laptop to a brand spanking new 11 inch latop. I have opted for a smaller laptop because it is much lighter with more upgrade options. So happy that I will have the option to upgrade its RAM up to 8GB, and I do not know what RAM is.
Anyway, there are loads of data to transfer and I was having a hard time in loading software. I almost wanted to throw the new laptop out of the window, A dear friend came to my rescue while trying to coach his 14 years-old niece on golf (my friend is a pro golfer). Now I am up and running with the new laptop.

While transferring data, I did a ilttle harddrive house keeping and came across this picture I took in 2008. And memory of its taste came rushing back. This is a gorgeous Pinot Blanc from Carneros of Napa Valley. Slightly elegantly sweet, noteable pure fruit and tight crispy acidity. It was savored while celebrating my mom’s birthday and a rahter good match to teochew cuisine. Lets see if I can find anyone to share a case with me on my next order…….