Reminiscing…Unfazed Will

A week ago, I stood in the rain, despite having an umbrella, drenched, cold and aching to give thanks, bid farewell, and pray for peace for a leader to a nation, fellow countrymen, and humanity.

My country is so small that its location is identified by its name on the map. It is surrounded by nations that are thousands of times bigger in terms of size. An island without any natural resources and even our water is imported. My country today is a country that most of my expatriate friends tell me

“the city is clean and green”,

“secure and safe without any obvious presence of law enforcement”,

“my children are safe outside even after midnight”,

“the amount of crimes in a year here is less than the amount crime found in other cities in a day”,

“my old mother did not have to wait for months to see a doctor”,

“drug and gun issues are death penalty issues”,

“everything work and work logically and efficiently” and so on.

I heard it and appreciated it. But these comments now mean so much more and carry more weight to me now then it did before. Although not everyone shared the same views with him or agreed on this actions, but good or bad, every single one of us was thinking about him during the 7 days of mourning. We learnt a little more about him. Finally understood his plan and action. Appreciated and empathized with him on all the difficulties he encountered during those early years.

I saw a week of unfazed will of people who stood in the sun for hours and hours just to say good-bye for a few seconds. A week of graciousness and generosity among fellow countrymen to help each other and offer supports. A week of selfless acts, sincere consideration and love for each other. I will even dare to say that drivers were even more patient on the street.

I kept my tears together till the last day and this is why:


We will continue…unfazed.

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