Spotted…Si Chuan Dou Hua @ Kitchener Road, Singapore (part 2)

White is a beautiful color. I love white t-shirts and shirts and that’s it. It is a color of high maintenance, particularly white pants and jackets. But this pristine color has a way, whether looking at it or wearing it, of making one feels refreshing, cool, clean, bright and young.

L looked so fresh and youthful in this cute dress and that I can only simply admire.

Kudos to her keeping it free from wine stains because we were at a wine dinner.

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Spotted…Si Chuan Dou Hua @ Kitchener Road, Singapore

If you look into my wardrobe, I will agree with you that it is very boring. My color palate is mostly black, pale pink, blue, grey, and a little white ( only t-shirts and shirts). I find bright colors tricky for me, but I love to see them on others. I appreciate and sometime secretly admire how colors look on others. Orange, red, yellow feels too bright for me. And GREEN is just confusing for me. C glowed brilliantly in it.


Spotted…Guangzhou, China

I have been MIA.

I have been quite caught up with work, and the extra business and personal growth opportunities have taken up quite a bit of my time lately. Not blogging felt a little like forgetting to lock the door. This may happen again because I am contemplating switching to Nonetheless, I will keep trying till it is in progress and I will update all of you, especially all who follows me.

Now on to this post, I know this is not a very glamourous picture because she kept looking away. So this was a sneak shot. When she walked past me while we were waiting to board the plane, I noted the clash of different layers of type of fabrics and prints: Crochet on polka dots, and all in PINK. Pink dress, pink crochet wrap, pink bag, and pick shoes, not forgetting pink lipstick.

I am still not sure if it is too much pink, but I thought at least it is not messy.

Spotted…The Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore

The charity dinner event indicated a black tie dress code. For the ladies, that meant evening gowns and tux for the men. And the expectation of glittering blings galore and there were. P walked into the dining room with her handsome husband in a beautiful light blue dress. Although she has some blings on her, but I thought the most special and original accessory was a beautiful orchid that held her hair up so elegantly. It was a fresh flower and it completed her look with a tropical feel and poise. Afterall, we are on a tropical island. It is an excellent reminder that some of best fashion accessories are created by Mother’s Nature

It is an inspirimg, refreshing, economical and eco-frendly idea for a black tie event.

Spotted…Guangzhou, China

I didn’t get an opportunity wasted any time the moment i checked into the hotel. My client quickly met me and decided that we went to get lunch in one of the small alleys nearby. That day was incredibly warm, it was not blistering, but it felt like a slow pressure cooker. Dressing light definitely helped, and the umbrella just gave her the glow without breaking sweat.
This is 小姐 (Missy) style.
She seemed a little flustered because she was trying to get a taxi. But her red pumps shone.
I never liked red shoes on me, but I admired the way they command attentions.

The pressure is on for me. Let see what I can get away with at tomorrow’s black tie event.

Spotted…Jin Long Restaurant, Singapore

When I saw this dress and the styling, I thought of my mom. It is not a bad thing because I remember seeing a old photograph of my mom in a similar dress  and I thought she looked so cool and fun.
Nothing is really old fashion these days because we can always update it through good styling.

Maybe I should start rummaging through my mom’s wardrobe.