Reminiscing…No shopping month

We are surrounded by abundance. In my line of work, I encourage abundance, and the product I represent, in itself, tempts abundance. Personally, I work and live towards abundance. I even use an essential oil blend that set mind and spirit to abundance.


So what abundance I want? Like most, excellent health of mind,     body and spirit for myself and all my loved ones, love, joy and  peace in our daily life, success and fulfilment in my professional life, and financial stability. But for the longest time, I know I am a minimalist by nature. That sense of living with less was re-ignited when I stumbled upon an Instagram link on my instagram account. Exploring The Minimalist got me thinking about how I live my life as to whether I can really manage with less. From there, I found Project 333, offering a logical structured challenge of living with 33 items for every 3 months (and for 3 years).

Minimalist_5I realised that I can handle this was when I remember about the eight-days trip to Zürich I took with my husband when he participated a full Ironman race about two years ago. Airline’s weight allowance was really limited, and my husband equipments (picture left) alone took up more than 50% of our combined allowance. Like most women, I felt I needed to take a lot with me because I subscribed to the concept of better to have and not need it, then to need it and not have it. But on this trip, I had to and attempted to pack less, a lot less. Both of us shared a suitcase and still have to keep it below 20 kilo. I did it and survived with three-shirts, two tank-top, two pairs of jeans (including the pair I was wearing), one yoga pants, one shirt, a pair of sandals, a pair of proper track shoes (which I was wearing), a messenger bag (which I was using) and a good jacket…13 items. The only thing I realised I needed was laundry soap which I bought there.

In March this year, as Lent was beginning, I thought I can do this. The challenge was not to buy any new clothing items, not even underwear, for 40 days. Forced myself to look into my wardrobe and use what I already have, which is already minimal in colours and style to begin with.

So what have I been wearing? Here are the list…


Four pairs of jeans (mostly dark)
Three pairs of pants for work (two black and one grey)
Eight short-sleeves t-shirts
Two short-sleeves jackets
Two light-weight cardigans
Two black tailored shorts
Four shirts (two of them black)
One white short-sleeves shirt
One grey short-sleeves shirt
Two yoga pants
Six black tank-tops (two exclusive for Pilates sessions)
Two black belts
Six pairs of shoes
Three handbags
One messenger bag (for laptop and work documents)

47 ITEMS!! Minimalist_4

So not quite 33 items, but all that are just probably one-third of my wardrobe. The goal was and still is not to buy anything new. I will keep up because I realised I really do not need anything new, unless I absolutely have to. There are other items in my wardrobe that I will alter to fit my usage, particularly for living and working in the tropics.

It is a really good feeling, quite liberating in fact. I still want my abundance, just not stuff. The same abundance I listed above. Somehow, I know this one aspect of minimal living will bring me there faster and easier. Of course gifts are a different story all together.
Is there a minimal approach to collecting wine? I believe it is possible, and it is not about having a lot.


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