10Questions…Anonymous Mr. Lee

A quick and fun session of 10 Questions, answered within 10 minutes, most time, with some of the most interesting personalities related to wine around me. It is more than what they have and wish for, but a snap-shot glimpse of who they are.

When I told Mr. Lee that I would like to ask him 10 quick questions about wine for my blog, he said he will answer them, but humbly requested not to have his name published. Interestingly I was not surprised by his request. Mr. Lee  and his wife have always been a generous man, never hesitated on their friendship, advises, and of course their brilliant wine collection. Down to earth and humble, and absolutely adventurous.
Here are Mr. Lee’s answers:

Anonymous Mr. Lee1Q: What was the very first wine you can remember you drank?
Anonymous Mr. Lee: Domaine Leflaive 1961 Puligny Montrachet Grand Echezeaux

2Q: How old were you or when?
Anonymous Mr. Lee: It was in 1975

3Q: Prior to today, when did you last drank wine?
Anonymous Mr. Lee: 2 days ago

4Q: What wine was it?
Anonymous Mr. Lee: Vieux Telegraphe 1998 Chateauneuf du pape

5Q: Fabulous wine alone or fabulous company with average wine?
Anonymous Mr. Lee: Fabulous company alway.

6Q: Average wine in a proper wine glass or favourite wine in a tea-cup?
Anonymous Mr. Lee: Average wine in a proper wine glass

7Q: What is the first wine you can remember that is in your wine fridge now?
Anonymous Mr. Lee: Chateau Haut Brion 1996

8Q: What three wines you will buy today if budget is not an issue.
Anonymous Mr. Lee: Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1982, Chateau Margaux 1983 and Chateau La Conseillante 1989

9Q: If you can take only three wines with you to space, what would it be?
Anonymous Mr. Lee: Chateau Palmer 1989, Joh. Jos Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr 1996 Riesling Kabinett, and Duval Leroy 1996 Femme de Champagne

10Q: What would you like to drink on your 80th Birthday?
Anonymous Mr. Lee: Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2000

Bonus question: Have you done anything naughty/illegal as a result of wine?
Anonymous Mr. Lee: Yes and I am not telling the details (laughters).


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