Spotted…Better Resolutions

So, instead of working on my blog during the New Year holiday, I was tackling a frustrating work issue (lets just say that I will be doing more air-freight than sea-freight consignment in the future), and reading lots of blogs for inspirations (ideas, schedule and planing) for writing more often and better. I learnt that a new wine-related category that I have been working on during the 3rd quarter of last year will definitely help to cover me when I run into a mental road block. This will be fun category because it will push me to find my courage and strengthen my relationships.

Going through the blogs I have been following via Bloglovin in the last few days, it is inevitable to see postings about resolutions, and there are quite a lot of them. I do not quite believe in making resolution, particularly why only make them in the beginning of the year. But it is still a form of planning, and having a plan is always a good thing. So every year, I remind myself (because sometime I will forget, get lazy or distracted), regularly and these “plans” are some of it, not in any specific order of importance.

1. Eat healthier, better and happier: Other than keeping the three meals, I strive to eat more greens (4 portions) and fruits (2 portions), moderate amount of meat, less carb, and eat lesser portion overall. Also, to enjoy thoroughly everything I choose to eat, and every company that I am having the meal with….Happier.
Wanton Noodle

2. Go to sleep half hour earlier: I can’t stay up and party as late as when I was in my twenties, but when I am home, I can easily stay up till 3am. It really doesn’t matter what I am doing, working or writing or reading on the laptop, watching TV, baking, or simply looking out of the window at city lights or try to catch lightnings from the 35th floor . Yes, I live on the 35th floor.

3. Wake up half hour earlier: When I need to wake up early (airport run or dropping hubs off to a race), I can wake up really early. I just don’t sleep well.  So I am trying to fix my “natural” alarm an hour earlier. My normal morning routine (which includes laundry and I take my coffee and toast at home) is about 1.5hr.  Having an extra half hour, I will be able to fit a short session of Pilates, go through work schedule better and plan better for Asueba.

4. Be selective with wine dinners/lunches: The selection is not about the type of wine, but also about the company. Life is too short for crappy wine, and definitely too short for people who will simply be a waste of time to be with for various reasons. I want to be with people who are positive, appreciative and genuine.

5. Be nice: It’s not that I am a b&*%@h all the time, but I know I am impatient and short of fuse at times. I seems to curse and swear more when I drive. So before I hear more than “she can be too straightforward”; I better remind myself to be nice, speak less and smile more. I want to be positive and appreciative too.
Love & Peace FB

6. Drink better and older: This is a standing resolution every year. It doesn’t have to be expensive and not necessary to have a lot of it. Just as long as it is worthy of my liver’s hard work.

7. Workout: This is another standing resolution every year, but a consistent victim to distractions. So I am here reminding myself to put in the time to swim, walk and to do Pilates.

8. Shoot more and shoot better: Photography that is. Although my DSLR camera is an extremely basic, it has given me a lot of joy and satisfaction when I take the time to immerse myself in it. So in the new year, I want to use it more.
DSC_8413So here they are and I will fulfil them. In fact for a few, I am fulfilling. Are any of them similar to yours? I will update my status of them along the way here.


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