Savored…Santa Rosa, California

I am still in California. But today I am in Buelton, California and will be here for one more day.
After a 7 hours drive and an unimpressive dinner stop in Gilroy, I am missing this bottle of vodka that Henry (Abalone Hunter of Sonoma) shared with me on Sunday. When I am not drinking wine, I drink vodka, sake, soju, and other white spirits. I had this vodka after 3 bottles of soju with Henry, my brother and 3 friends over abalone sashimi. I must have been rather sober than because I can almost taste its clean flavors of lime zest and melon now. I would love to have one good shot right now before I call it a night.

Lets see what Buelton has to offer tomorrow, other than the world famous splited pea soup.

4 thoughts on “Savored…Santa Rosa, California

    • I drove gruellingly with my brother to Lompoc, and we got to check out Sea Smoke and Foley. Beautiful Pinot from this region as well. I will post pictures and notes soon.

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